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We are delighted to report on 3 Feb 2008 that we have now CONCLUDED this search for any information concerning Galina AVTONOMOV or, if she is no longer alive, we need to identify and locate her legal heirs.

We believe she married Roman ROMAN, and has a daughter Marina ROMAN, born about 1940.

Galina Avtonomova lived in Paraguay or Argentina, probably since 1936.

She was born either 25 April 1914 or 12 May 1915, in Rostov upon Don, Russia.

She had a brother Jurij (George) AVTONOMOV , born 7 August 1919, also in Rostov.

Their father was Charlamy / Charlampij Vasiliejevic AVTONOMOV, born 8 Feb 1886, in Kazanskaya. He was a university professor.

Their mother Domnika (or Dominika) BRIEVNA (or Bricyna ), born 8 Jan 1891, in Kamenskaja, Don Area, worked in Agriculture

Charlampij AVTONOMOV was originally Russian, and had lived in Czechoslovakia since 1922. He had been granted a Nansen Passport No. 2091, issued on 10 April 1930. We know that the validity of this passport was extended under No. 378 for the period 16 Feb 1935 - 16 March 1936. The purpose of his passport validity extension was to support his visa application for entry into Paraguay. He had asked for the certificate on 31 January 1935. He had also requested a special certification confirming he was living as a proper Czech citizen.

Galina, for whom we are now searching, had studied medicine. She applied for the same certificate on 13 March 1935 and obtained this on 16 March 1935. She owned a Nansen Passport No. 102, issued on 16 April 1934. She was studying at a German University at that time. Her Nansen Passport was extended on 19 March 1935 till 16 April 1936. She also used name
Galina Charlampijevna AVTONOMOVA.

Galina worked as a profesor and lived in Buenos Aires in a quarter called Olivos

It is believed that she has moved to the USA in 1955 - 1960.

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

Please e-mail me at searchandunitem [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] uk

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