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Family of Moritz BERISCH

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He was born in Hartmanice, Czechoslovakia on 12 Apr 1885 to Maria and Yaakov BERISCH and died 5 Mar1943 in Lodz ghetto.

Source      Lodz Names - List of the ghetto inhabitants 1940-1944,
Yad Vashem and the Organization of former residents of Lodz in Israel, Jerusalem 1994
Last Name      BERISCH
First Name      MORITZ
Gender      Male
Date of Birth      12 April 1885   or 12 April 1875
Age      58 or 68
Transport from Prague      Transport C from Praha to Lodz on 26/10/1941
Prisoner Nr.796 in the Transport
Place during the war      LODZ,GHETTO,POLAND
Street in Ghetto      PFAUEN STRASSE
House No. in Ghetto      6 FLAT 9
Place of Death      LODZ,GHETTO,POLAND
Date of Death      05/03/1943
Type of material      List of Lodz ghetto inmates

A page of Testimony was left at Yad Vashem by an Arnold WEISENSTEIN on an unknown date

This person lived in Israel, Kiriat Motzkin
Batei Am - A no 18.





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