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Fela BERLINER born on 24.1.1925 in Warsaw or Lodz. She would be 83 years of age now.

Fela is a daughter of Jacob BERLINER [son of Simeon and Gitla Berliner of Warsaw ] and of Brandla nee FRYDMAN.  
Jacob was a brother of Solomon BERLINER).
During the war she was living at Sperling Gasse 5 flat 12, Lodz Ghetto with her Mother and her Siblings

Fela survived Lodz Ghetto, Theresienstadt Camp [Terezin] and then was located in a DP camp in Paris in 1945.   
In February 2008, we heard from the ITS [ International Tracing Services in Bad Arolsen in Germany directed by the Red Cross in Geneva ] that Fela had left Paris in 1948 as an immigrant and travelled to Canada.  
 It is possible that Fela left Paris for Quebec and the city of Montreal, since she had lived in a French speaking country for three years.    

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