Dr. Arnost BERNFELD family

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Arnost BERNFELD born 6 Nov. 1911 in Lipnik, Poland, was the son of Max BERNFELD and his wife Alma BERNFELD nee DAVID.

He had sister Edith Bernfeld who (probably in 1938) lived in Wien (Vienna, Austria) IV, Trappelgasse 3-16.

He was the nephew of Mr Samuel BERNFELD and his wife Elsa who were living in Brno, Sedlakova 14 in 1938.
(Samuel BERNFELD had been a factory director in Brno, and died 27 Sep 1938)

Dr. Arnost BERNFELD escaped to south America.

we know that in 1946 he lived in in Pulacayo and in La Paz, Bolivia
                               1948 he moved to North America (probably USA)
                               1950 reported in Peru


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