COMPLETED Search : BIEN family - 1939 in Vienna

We ARE NO LONGER seeking the BIEN family, 1939 from Vienna

Dr Erich Arthur BIEN was born on 19 Dec 1884 in Vienna, the son of Dr. Friedrich BIEN (14.05.1844 - 06.09.19139) and Gisela BIEN nee WITTNER (17.07.1856 - 16.05.1920)

In July 1939 Dr Erich Arthur BIEN emigrated to England. The only information we have in the UK is, that he was patient in the Cardiff City Hospital in 1939.

His Brother Dr. Oswald Marcel BIEN, born on 10.05.1889 in Vienna, emigrated with his wife Maria Anna BIEN, born on 24.01.1887 in Vienna and his children Ernst (30.09.1914) and Eva Gertrude (04.07.1921) to the UK where they were living in St. Andrews, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

There were also two sisters, Flora Irene BIEN, born on 07.02.1879 in Vienna and Gertrude BIEN, born on 03.04.1881 in Vienna.
We do not have any further information about the two sisters at this stage

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