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The BREDA family, was a co-owner of the Breda & Weinstein department store in Opava, Czechoslovakia in the 1930s


Ilona BREDOVA was born on 24 September 1908 in Olomouc, daughter of Hugo and Irena KONSTANDT.
She married Pavel BREDA, born on 19 August 1902 in Opava, the son of Max and Olga BREDA, founder of the Breda & Weinstein company.
Pavel BREDA was employed in the company, even after his father had sold his share in the company to the other co-owner David WEINSTEIN.


Pavel BREDA and his wife Ilona had a son Pavel , born on 12 March 1934 in Opava, with whom they fled to Chile in 1939, most probably via Great Britain and Uruguay.


A possible address in Chile for the BRADA family at one time was Santiago de Chile, Coreo 19, Cas 19030.


Pavel BREDA had a brother Leo BREDA living in Tel Aviv, Israel. We do not know which generation of Pavels this is

All we know about Irena KONSTANDTOVA is that she was a widow, born on 31 January 1882 in Žabovřesky with the maiden name BERTHOLD.

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