Completed Search : BREGMAN family - possibly in Brooklyn

We were, and have now found, searching for any member of the BREGMAN family for whom we only have the briefest of details.

Can you help in any way?

Chaim or Heshel or Hirsch BREGMAN immigrated to Brooklyn some time prior to 1939. He lived in Brooklyn New York when war broke out, using the name Herman.

The Brooklyn family sent pictures of themselves to Poland and the family in Warsaw sent pictures of the Poland family to Brooklyn.

Do any of these pictures survive?

On 10 December 1928 Herman's daughter Shirley was robbed and murdered in her Brooklyn neighbourhood as she returned from her job at the bank.
We have now obtained a newspaper cutting describing the event

Herman Hirsch BREGMAN had a brother in Warsaw named Pinchas


From our searches thus rar we have established:

Shirley BREGMAN aged 21 on 10 Dec 1928   ie born 1907   was a Stenographer/bookkeeper. She Worked for the Geringer Light and Fixture Co, 7th floor  71 Spring Street, Brooklyn. (employed there 1.5 years NY Times 111228) (NY Times 121228 says 67 Spring Street)


Death recorded with a spelling error:

Shirley Bergman [sic] age 21, died 10 Dec 1928 in Manhattan, death certificate #30350.


Possible birth date was 10 Dec 1907 (ST 111228 Leah preparing a birthday meal)

NY Times Dec 12 1928 gived age as 20


Bregman and Bergman confused in Sunday Times and also in death certificate.

??? could it be they actually used the name Bergman ????

Father Herman or Hyman  born Jan. 10,   1876 (this from his 1918 Draft Certificate) 

In another NYTimes article (270329) he is described as Hyman BERGMAN of 1625 Forty-third Street Brooklyn

Hyman and Leah Bregman were residing at 1167 52nd Street, Brooklyn in 1933 according to the 1933/34 Brooklyn City Directory. Hymans occupation was listed as garment worker.

Mother Leah  born abt  1895 / 1898


Yiddish for Leah could be Leie

                      Shirley could be Sheina




( Herman had a brother in Warsaw named Pinchas  BREGMAN who was born in Pintzk, Poland about 1885/1886 )

Pinchas BREGMAN was born in Pintzk, Poland about 1885/1886
he married
Choga BREGMAN maiden name: Shapiro, born in Vilna about 1888

They had five children:

1.       Paullina (Pesaliba) BREGMAN, born in 1914. She was studying Medicine for a number of years most likely at the ' L'Ecole de Médecine de Tours”. known now as the "Universite Francois-Rebelais Tours". [Currently, different faculties have been amalgamated into the Universite Francois-Rebelais Tours locate at 3 Rue Des Tanneurs. 37041 Tours Cedex 1. She was boarding with a lady in Paris (circa 1935+)
Paulina had only one year to graduation when the war started and she returned home to Poland.  She lived at 19 Pawia Warszawa Poland.
She is believed to have perished in Treblinka.

      The family is desperately trying to obtain a record of her as a memory: a school transcript, a library card – and if miracles do happen- maybe even a picture of her from official records or yearbooks.

2.       Miriam BREGMAN , born in 1917, believed perished in Warsaw ghetto together with mother, Choga.
She had been a midwife at the local hospital

3. Faivel (Chaim) BREGMAN, born in 1919. Believed perished in Siberia having fled to Russia with his father Pinchas.

4. Dora (Dvoira) BREGMAN, born in 1922. Believed to have perished in Treblinka.

5. Saba (Sabina, Bat Sheva) BREGMAN, born Nov. 22, 1924 in Warsaw.

The family lived at #19 Pavia Street (Viengne Corner), Warsaw, Poland

We know that Pinchass BREGMAN's father came from Pinsk.
We think his fathers name may have been Chaim or Faivel because that is what Pinchas named his own sons.
The grandfather was dead by the time the youngest daughter of Pinchas was born in 1924, but we have no actual date.

We believe that the following is true about Pinchass BREGMAN's siblings:
He had two sisters-
1. Bat Sheva (died before 1924). (Pinchas's youngest daughter is named after her)
2. The other sister married a man in Zir, Ukraine and although we dont know her peronal name, her married last
name became ZARWASKA.
3. There was at least one brother in Brooklyn
We do not know if Pinchas BREGMAN had any other siblings.

The following is a TENTATIVE family tree bregman.jpg:








Bregman Family Tree – starting with her paternal grandfather

(Roots of the Bregman fa,ily are in Pinsk)

Lived at #19 Pavia Street, (Viengne Corner), Warsaw




Shirley Bregman

Was murdered in Brooklyn Dec 10th 1928.


Son: Heshel, Hirsch. Was a young, unmarried man when immigrated.




Name unknown












bregman.jpg :-



Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

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