BRENNER and COOKE families originally from Czechoslovakia

We are NO LONGER searching for the surviving members of the BRENNER families, originally from Czechoslovakia:


1. Salomon (Samuel) BRENNER-1                                                   in 1946 at 6 Hemstal Road, Kilburn, London, N.W.6

sp: Ernestine -25

        |-2. Bernhard BRENNER-23 (b.27 Mar 1867-Mistek,Moravia-SILESIA d.1939/1945-Nazis Terezin)

        | sp: Rose HERBACH BRENNER-24 (b.22 Aug 1912 d.30 Dec 1990-New York City)

        |        +-3. S1 BRENNER-26

        |-2. Ferdinand BRENNER-11 (b.17 Oct 1896-DUBRAVA,SLOVAKIA,CZECHOSLOVAKIA d.28 Oct 1942/28 Apr 1942-Nazis,ZAMOSC,Murder Site)

        | sp: Alice FRIEDRICH - BRENNER-12 (d.28 Oct 1942)

        |        |-3. Herbert BRENNER-13 (d.28 Oct 1942)

        |        +-3. Erich BRENNER-14 (d.28 Oct 1942)

        |-2. Maxmilian BRENNER-15 (b.29 Jul 1900-DUBRAVA,SLOVAKIA,CZECHOSLOVAKIA d.1942-AUSCHWITZ,Camp)

        | sp: Anna (Jana) Johanna KASLER BRENNER-16 (b.26 Jan 1908-CZECHOSLOVAKIA d.1942-Auschwitz Camp)

        |        |-3. Jiri BRENNER-18 (b.26 Oct 1931 d.1942-AUSCHWITZ,Camp)

        |        +-3. Renata BRENNER-17 (b.28 Mar 1935-BOHUMIN,FRYSTAT,MORAVIA-SILESIA,CZECHOSLOVAKIA d.1942-AUSCHWITZ,Camp)

        |-2. Leo BRENNER-2 (b.1902)                                                    1946  at Colwyn House, The Bishops Avenue

        |-2. Joseph (Josef) BRENNER-3 (b.1903-Doubrava,Czech Republic)

        | sp: Irene HIRSCHSOHN-4 (b.1912 m.1936 d.1970)

        |-2. Berthold (Bertin) BRENNER-9 (b.5 Jan 1905-Doubrava,Czech Republic d.14 Feb 1942-concentration camp)

        | sp: Rose VEISS-10 (b.22 Aug 1912-Cesky Tesin,Czech Republic d.30 Dec 1990-Brooklyn,New York)

        |-2. Anna BRENNER CUCKOVA COOKE-5 (b.12 Jan 1907-Doubrava,Frystat [Karvina],Silesia. Czech Republic)  1946 at 118 St. Margarets Rd., Edgware

        | sp: Alfred CUCKA COOKE-6 (b.1899)

        |        |-3. Ivar CUCKA COOKE-21 (b.1932)

        |        +-3. Renata CUCKA COOKE-22

        +-2. Emil BRENNER-7 (b.Abt 1908)                                                   1946 at 48 Bishopsgate, London

          sp: Henriette BERCHET-8 (b.28 Sep 1911)

Do you recognize any of these people?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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