BRETTSCHNEIDER family from Brtnice, dep. Jihlava Czechoslovakia

We are NO LONGER searching for the families of Pavel BRET(T)SCHNEIDER born 25.June 1911   - found.gif
                                                        Anna BRET(T)SCHNEIDER(ova)
born 1915           - found.gif
                                                        Edita BRET(T)SCHNEIDER(ova)
born November 1917  - murdered in Auschwitz
Who, in 1925 lived in Brtnice, Jihlava in the Czech Republic

Their parents were Josef and Klara BRET(T)SCHNEIDER nee KOLBL farmers in Brtnice No.84, Czechoslovakia.
We believe that Klara BRET(T)SCHNEIDER died in 1923.

In 1934 Pavel BRET(T)SCHNEIDER   worked in Prague at the insurance company called "Elbe"

In 1935 Anna BRET(T)SCHNEIDER worked as an Insurance Clerk in Bratislava and lived with a family of M. DANZIG

Rudolf BRET(T)SCHNEIDER acted as the guardian and custodian of Anna, Pavel and Edita until they became adults.

Pavel and Anna seem to have survived World War II.
We believe that
Pavel is believed to have lived in Tel Aviv, Israel and in Leopoldville, Belgian Congo

Anna possibly married POLITZER

Josef BRET(T)SCHNEIDER had a brother Herrmann BRET(T)SCHNEIDER, a railway inspektor in Jihlava. (Edita lived with him in 1932)

Klara BRET(T)SCHNEIDER nee KOLBL had a brother D. KOLBL who in 1932 lived in Slatiňany near Chrudim

We are also searching for the families of

Pavla BRET
(T)SCHNEIDER(ova), nee SCHULHOF(ova)
and of
Rudolf BRET
(T)SCHNEIDER. We believe that he was in 1926 the innkeeper in Brtnice.

Do you recognize any of these names?

Can you guide us in any way?

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