Completed Search : BRODER family from Leipzig

We are NO LONGERsearching for a BRODER family who arrived in the UK in consequence of the events which led up to World War 2 from Leipzig, Germany

Therewere three brothers:

1. Edi ( Elias) BRODER  

2. Josef BRODER with wife Louise

3. Jakob BRODER wih wife Sabina

In 1947 Josef and his wife Louise lived at 597 Upper Richmond Road, Richmond, Surrey.

and Jakob and his wife Sabina with daughter Ruth lived at 44 Deanhill Road, London, S.W.14.

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?
please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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