Case Histories: People
Here are some examples of our previous successes.
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  • Betty's Mother found in Germany after separation from her daughter 46 years earlier
  • Edith Jacobovic - vanished in the Holocaust
  • Stefan's Father found in Israel for his Australian son born in Germany 35 years earlier
    (e-mail Stefan)
  • Cousin of Hans found in England for German refugees who had fled to Chile
  • Aunt Irene traced to Australia, having fled Germany in 1937, resided in England till 1956
  • June's Family found in USA - last head of during W.W.II when they had sent food parcels to London
  • Mother of baby Liz born in Shanghai to a German refugee, grown up in New Zealand, now living in England traced via Sweden to USA
  • Long lost family in Scotland reunited - Allen who found his uncle, cousins- and a whole clan
  • Thea GRAHAM - 1939 refugee from Czechoslovakia entitled to reclaim the ancestral home stolen by the Nazi regime in Prague in 1940
  • Frank Theiner heirs can reclaim property in Prague
  • PENDING: Funds are sought for a pending search for Ruth's half-sister in the Ukraine after survival in the sewers of Lvov
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