Irma ENZINGER(ova) found.gif,   Anna FREUND(ova)

We ARE NO LONGER searching for  the families of

Irma ENZIGER(ova) originally from Czechoslovakia, last known to have lived in Vienna, Austria, in 1950

and of

Anna FREUND(ova)

They are the daughters of Jindrich HAUPT :

The only other thing we know about this family is that Jindrich HAUPT had a cousin named Leopold ADLER

son of Hynek ADLER


We have learned that the entire FREUND family were murdered in Zamosc, Poland.

Here the record for Anna:

Full Record Details for  Freundova Anna
Source      Terezinska Pametni Kniha/Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch,
Terezinska Iniciativa, vol. I-II Melantrich, Praha 1995, vol. III
Academia Verlag, Prag 2000
Last Name      FREUNDOVA
First Name      ANNA
Date of Birth      16 July 1894
Details of transport      Transport V from PRAHA,PRAHA HLAVNI MESTO,BOHEMIA,CZECHOSLOVAKIA
Details of 2nd transport      Transport from THERESIENSTADT,GHETTO,CZECHOSLOVAKIA
Prisoner Nr. in Transport      332
Prisoner Nr. 2nd Transport      260
Type of material      List of Theresienstadt camp inmates



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