Family of Julius FEIGEL (FEIGL)


We are no longer searching for the family of Julius FEIGEL (FEIGL) believed to be the brother of Friedrich (Fritz) FEIGEL

The two were the sons of Ernestine FEIGEL

 The family originated in Jablonec nad Nisou


We know that Julius FEIGL was in New York in 1945               

In the course of the research we discovered that Julius FEIGL was born 18th October 1880. He emigrated to the USA in 1914 and was naturalized 20th May 1920 in New York. His father was Gustav FEIGL (deceased in 1920) and mother was Ernestine FEIGL.
Julius FEIGL
worked as a merchant and in 1942 he worked in Brewster Aeronautical Corp in Newark airport. He was married to Belle B. FEIGL (born about 1895) a they had one daughter called Ernestine R. FEIGL (born about 1923).
Their last known address (in 1955) was 711 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn 26, New York.    




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