COMPLETED Search : FEIGENBAUM and EDELSTEIN Family From 1938 Vienna, Austria

We NO LONGER WISH to locate any relatives of the extensive FEIGENBAUM and EDELSTEIN family who lived in Vienna (AUSTRIA) in the 1930's.

Our knowledge was sparse at first, but grew extensively when we had FOUND the first cousin!.

We hope, with your help, to assemble new and additional information and find other members of thes families:

We are still NOT certain that the facts below are 100% accurate!

Betti Bertha nee GARTENBERG born in Vienna Austria in 1856 Married twice.
She was married first to
Eduard recte Chaskel FEIGENBAUM
(guessed marriage at 1884-1885 in Vienna)

Their SEVEN children - order unknown - :

1. Ludwig FEIGENBAUM born 8 Aug 1886 (see details below)

2. Rudolf (called Rudi) FEIGENBAUM married to Tina, who came from Zurich.
Used the name FOSTER left Vienna 1938 for the USA
They had a son and a daughter, probably USA.

3. Lieselotte FEIGENBAUM born in Vienna about 1890, married Marco COHEN.
They had a son named Freddy, born about 1917 in Vienna.
They escaped to Argentina in 1938

4. Hans FEIGENBAUM born 1891, married to Leonie GUTFELD.
They had a son Heinz who survived the war.
We have Heinz and his two daughters – our first success in this search.

5. Grete FEIGENBAUM, married to KRUMHOLZ, possibly escaped to Israel in 1938
They had a son named George KRUMHOLZ.

6. Alma FEIGENBAUM, We know nothing about her. It is possible that she was murdered by the Nazis, or she may have escaped to the USA.

7. Frieda FEIGENBAUM (nicknamed “Fritzi”) married a Mr POLLAK, and went to the USA in 1938.
Last known address: 130E 93rd Street, New York.
Fritzi had a daughter Liserl whose name is now is Alice BERGLAS.
Her last known address was 17 East 96th street, New York
We Have ALICE and her son PETER in the USA

After Eduard recte Chaskel FEIGENBAUM died, his Widow Betty Bertha nee GARTENBERG married EDELSTEIN

From this, her second union there were six children

8. Alfons EDELSTEIN, also escaped to the USA. He was nicknamed Spitzi.
His first address in the USA was 611 or 511, Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York.
In April 1965 he lived at 98-09 64th Road, Rego Park. N.Y. USA.

9. Arthur EDELSTEIN escaped to France 1938. Fought with the French Resistance. Some time in the 1980’s went to Israel and chose to live in Netanya because he loved the sea.
He had a son and a daughter.

10. Bianca EDELSTEIN (nicknamed “Bibi”) married to POLLAK (the brother of Frieda’s husband)
They also escaped to the USA. They first lived in the Bronx.
Their son Franz POLLAK became a pilot in the US Air force and was shot down and killed over Normandy in 1944
They also had a daughter Edith POLLAK who visited London in approximately 1965.
In pre-war Vienna Bianca had a hat shop called "Edith Hütte".
We believe the family used the name PERRY in the USA

11. Stephanie died in Vienna long before the outbreak of World War II.
She was survied by her husband and a child.

12. Friedel EDELSTEIN went to the USA and died there at a young age

13. Erna EDELSTEIN, was very close to Lieselotte. She also escaped to Argentina together with Lieselotte.
We have her two grandsons in Argentina

Ludwig FEIGENBAUM (the oldest of the 13 siblings was
born 8 Aug 1886 in Vienna Austria
Died 28 Apr. 1974

According to Austrian Passport No 012050 2 Feb 1938 he previously had the Polish Nationality
Fled the Nazis from Austria to England.
Had to leave a car hire business behind when he fled to England.
Arrived London (England) 30 Aug 1938 and lived in Brondesbury Park, London NW6 together with his wife
Hilda (he had been married once before to unknown)

Ludwig FEIGENBAUM Married 11 Sep 1932 to

Hilda BEINER born 11 Mai 1902
lived (1932)at: Wien XVIII Martinstr. 16, Austria
died on 9.01.1982
daughter of Berl BEINER and Friederike nee BUSCHEK

Witnesses of marriage:
Rudolf BUSCHEK and
Moritz POLLAK,
Rabbi Dr. F TAGLICHT, Wien XV Tuernergasse 22 (marriage document dated 19 Sep 1932 )

We have started to collect pictures of some of the family members, in the hope that these may help in identifying and finding other members of the family

- Do any of these facts mean anything to you please??

- Are you in any way able to fill in some further information?

- Can you please guide us to anyone else whom we might be able to ask?

Please e-mail us at searchandunitem [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] ukif you can help in any way

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