Completed Search : REGINA FERN also known as Jozefa NALECZ born 21 Nov 1922 in Lwow

We were searching for the whereabouts of

REGINA FERN also known as NALECZ Jozefa (on the left in the picture above) born 21 Nov 1922 in Lwow War Prisoner number 141540

She was for a time held prisoner at Stalag VI C OBERLANGEN

Her father Mordechai/Marek FERN was a lawyer in Lwow
Both parents were killed during World War 2
She had a brother Meier/Mereen/Marian Jozef FERN, born 1926
Regina was taken to live with a Catholic family in Warsaw under the name NALECZ Jozefa to hide her Jewish identity
The family who shielded her have been acknowledged to be among the Polish Righteous. Information is available at
She took part in the Warsaw uprising of 1944
2 months after the end of the uprising she was sent to the Oberlangen Prisoner of War camp

After liberation by the Polish Army under British command on 12 April 1945 she revealed her Jewish identity and within a month was sent to live with a Jewish family of Polish origin in Brussels, BELGIUM

Regina spoke Polish, English, German and French. She studied at the University in Brussels.

Do you by any chance recognize any part of this information?
Do you know anyone else whom we might be able to contact in this connection?

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