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Josef FISERA, born 25 October 1906 in Vysoke Veseli and his wife Jarmila, nee TONDLOVA, born 18 April 1913 in Turnov.
Both of them had their domicile in Vysoke Veseli. Last place of residenc in Prague 1, Dusni 2.
They were married on 9 Dec 1939, probably in Vysoke Veseli. Both of them were in the Evangelic church.
Both of them were prosecuted in 1948 because they tried to escape Czechoslovakia illegally.

Josef FISERA was businessman and on 18 Dec 1948 he was sentenced 18 months and he served this jail sentence for attempting to leave the country.
His wife Jarmila was released from the detention in December 1948 as she had two minor children and she was pregnant. She was not sentenced together with her husband as she did not participate in the court hearing.

The children of the marriage were:

Jarmila who was born on 9 August 1940 in Rovensko pod Troskami,
Hana who was born on 3 February 1944 in Prague,
Third child which was born probably in Paris and approx in 1949.

We know that Josef FISERA eventually escaped Czechoslovakia and in 1950 applied for help from the International Refugee Organization (IRO).


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