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Ingrid Margarethe GOELLER is the daughter of Gottfried Franz GOELLER and his wife Klara nee PIECHLER


Where is Ingrid Margarethe GOELLER today? Maybe the question is What was her fate?
She was a child of 4 in those fateful times - she could still be alive!

The documents below have a peculiar comment [crossed out] which says "nach Pasing übergeben" ie "handed over" to Passing. Passing was a separate municipality in 1939, it is a part of Munich now.


Was Ingrid Margarethe GOELLER persecuted by the Nazis as was Marie BRANDIS her great aunt?


The Stadarchiv Rottweil wrote in German as follows::

Der entsprechenden Seite des Rottweiler Familienregisters ist zu entnehmen, dass F.G. Goeller am 24. Juli nach Pasing (damals selbständig, heute Ortsteil von München) verzogen ist. Seltsamerweise lautete der Vermerk zunächst "nach Pasing 'übergeben'". "Übergeben" ist dann durchgestrichen und durch das Wort "verzogen" ersetzt.
Sollte Franz Gottfried Göller in der NS-Zeit tatsächlich verfolgt worden sein, würden mich Ihre Recherche-Ergebnisse im Sinne der Rottweiler Stadtgeschichte natürlich sehr interessieren

Translated this means that out of the equivalent records in the town of Rottweil it can be seen that Franz Gottlieb GOELLER (Margarethe's father) who had moved to Passing on the 24th of July. The comment "nach Pasing 'übergeben'" is most unusual. The word is crossed out and replaced by "migrated" or "moved".

If F.G. GOELLER was indeed persecuted in the National Socialist period, the towm of Passing would be most interested in your research results.




After 10 months into the search we have receiived the first sign of life!

From an archive in Munich we learned that Gottfried GOELLER died on 7 March 1944 and that Klara and her by then 14 year old daughter Ingrid GOELLER emigrated to the United States.


                 From the data of SS. Brasil passenger list.
                                 Arrivals in New York on 26 Sep 1950

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