We are NO LONGER searching for any surviving descendants of the – GOLDBERG - SZAJNTAL – SCHAUMER - RUBINSTEIN family who, before the 2nd World War were living in the Krakow, Poland district.


We start with a family tree which has more questions in it than answers:

Version 21 Feb 2015

-1. Alter Chil -21
sp: Szyfra SZAJNTAL-22
          |-2. Izrael Dawid, Daniel -2 (b.2 Nov 1877-Miechow d.1944-Krakau,Ghetto)
          | sp: Chaja (Anna Helena) SCHAUMER-1 (b.18 Jan 1877)
                    | |-3. Rafal , alias Eugeniusz Kasper KACZMARCZYK-3 (b.8 Mar 1910-Krakow d.18 Dec 1986-Poznan)
                    | | sp1: Sala RUBINSTEIN-4 (d.12 Oct 1941-Stanislawow,Holocaust)
                    | | sp2: Honorata Maria KOWALSKA-5
                              | | |-4. Ryszard KACZMARCZYK-6 (b.1948)
                              | | | sp: Hanna -7                
| | | |-5. Magdalena KACZMARCZYK-8
                                        | | | |-5. Mikola KACZMARCZYK-9
                              | | |-4. Krystyna Jozefa KACZMARCZYK-10 (b.1950)
                              | | | sp: Sjef COOLEGEM-11
                                        | | | |-5. Elise COOLEGEM-12
                                        | | | |-5. David COOLEGEM-13
                              | | |-4. Jacek Aleksander KACZMARCZYK-14 (b.5 Jan 1958)
                              | | | sp: Malgorzata GALLAS-15
                                        | | | |-5. Karol KACZMARCZYK-16
                                        | | | |-5. Matylda KACZMARCZYK-17
                                        | | | |-5. Julia KACZMARCZYK-18
                    | |-3. Bernard -19 (b.28 Feb 1912 d.1941/1945-Holocaust)
                    | |-3. Markus -20 (b.1918 d.1939/1945-Holocaust)
          |-2. D1 -23
          sp: Chaim Herman WARSZAWSKI WARSHOW WARSAW-24
                    | |-3. D7 WARSZAWSKI WARSHOW WARSAW-26
                    | |-3. Jankel WARSZAWSKI-25
                    sp: UNKNOWN -

Rafal (alias Eugeniusz Kasper KACZMARCZYK) survived the war under a having assumed the name of Eugeniusz KACZMARCZYK. He changed the name to that of a Polish person who passed away and assuming his documents in order to pretend to be Polish.
That is how Rafal became Eugeniusz KACZMARCZYK. (The original Eugeniusz KACZMARCZYK had been born in 1908,
while Rafal was actually born in 1910).

Sala Rubinstein was murdered on 12 October 1941 in Stanislawow Ghetto. We hope to locate her documentation and to find
out whether she had any siblings or family who could have survived. We particularly hope to anyone descending from Chaja
Anna Helena SCHAUMER's family and from Izrael Dawid 's family. We know he had a sister who was married to Chaim WARSZAWSKI, who most likely survived as he had escaped to the United States before the war). Below is a letter which is
the starting point of this search: We have a letter written Israel Dawid in Polish It describes the way his wife was murdered
with their baby, hence the reason I know the date of her death but not of her birth.

Can you guide us in any way?

Do you recognize any of these names ?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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