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The legal heirs of Isaac Alexander (Sasha) and Louise Sybil ARCHAVSKY

We are searching for the family or legal heirs of
Alfred GOLDMANN aka Alfred GILBERT  who might also be known as Dr. Ing. Gustav Albert GOLDMANN/GILBERT,
born 21 May 1906 in Jamnitz, Moravia. He was the son Alfred GOLDMANN born 16 Feb.1874 in Sadek, Austria and his wife Magdalena WEISS, and a grandson of Jakob GOLDMANN (16 Oct. 1846 - 29 Jun. 1923) and Amalie SCHUECK (20 May 1850 0 21 Dec.1927).

Alfred GOLDMANN was married to Dr. Augusta GOLDMANN nee KOHN, born 28 Jan 1911 in Kostel, Austria.

They had escaped Europe just before the start of World War 2 and the last known address for them was in 1980 in Highgate, South Australia.

In schematic form:

                                          Descendants of Jakob GOLDMANN                                          
1. Jakob GOLDMANN (b.16 Oct 1846 d.29 Jun 1923)
sp: Amalie SCHUECK (b.20 May 1850 d.21 Dec 1927)
        |-2. Eugen GOLDMANN
        | sp: Amalie REISS
        +-2. Alfred GOLDMANN (b.16 Feb 1874-Sadek)
          sp: Magdalena WEISS
                 +-3. Dr Ing Alfred ?Gustav Albert GOLDMANN GILBERT (b.21 May 1906-Jamnitz,Maehren)
                   sp: Augusta KOHN (b.28 Jan 1911-Kostel)

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