Robert GRUENBAUM from Brno, Czechoslovakia

We are are no longer searching for  the family of

Robert GRUENBAUM was born on 9 Mar 1889 in Vracov, Kyjov district, Moravia,
the son of
Bernhardt GRUENBAUM and Anna nee MUELLER

in 1953 he lived in Brno, Vystavni No. 14 as a widower and was a disabled pensioner. We do not know whether he had any children.

He is then believed to have emigrated to England

During the course of the search we have found Robert GRUENBAUM's death certificate.


It is riddled with errors .

1. There was no "Otto Ship" - it should have been the Otto Schiff House - an old aged home long since shut down.

2. There is no "Netherland Road" - it should be "Netherhall Gardens" which is where the Otto schiff House was located until its closure.

3. The “Where/when” field is identical to the “residence of informant”

4. He appears to have EITHER informed of his own death - or else had a brother with the same initial who may have lived in Sandhurst in 1967.
     If there was a brother - we need to find him

5. We cannot find a Sanhurst street in Sandurst, nor a Post Office with that address.
    In fact at that time there were two post offices in Sandhurst, the one on the High Street opposite the Duke's Head.
    The other was at the other end of Sandhurst village, on Yorktown Road.


Do you recognize any of the names?

Can you guide us in any way?

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