Current Search : Miroslav (Mirek) Havelka

We are searching for the whereabouts of Miroslav (Mirek) HAVELKA
We guess that he was born around 1942 and know very little about him, except for vague memories....

Mirek HAVELKA is Czech national and served as a soldier stationed in Kosice (Slovakia) in 1962. 
He met Katarina Felcikova ( originally from a small town called Lutina)
in Kosice in March or April of 1962 in a pub ( it could just be the Railway Station pub). A brief relationship resulted in pregnancy and they never saw each other again.
Mirek gave her a photograph of himself but this was later destroyed by the man who became Katarina's husband.

A daughter Dasha was born in March 1963 in Presov, Slovakia. She now lives in Australia, is soon to be married, and would love to learn to know her father.

As we have no photograph of Mirek, we can only give a verbal description: Mirek is relatively short (around 1.7 meters), rather stocky in the thigh area with blond, curly hair. 

Katarina & Dasha about March 1964

Dasha & Katarina in about 1999

Do you by any chance recognize any part of this information?
Do you know anyone else whom we might be able to contact in this connection?

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