HELLER family from the Sudeten in Czechoslovakia

We are NO LONGER searching for the HELLER family, originally from the Sudeten in Czechoslovakia

Alfred HELLER who in 1948 lived at  No. 8  Perceval Avenue, London NW3

Arnold HELLER who in 1948 gave an address  c/o Style Novelties in Wales

who in 1948 lived at  The Flat, 43 Monument Hill, Weybridge Surrey with his wife Elisabeth L HELLER .
in a 3 Dec. 1946, Naturalisation Notice:
         HELLER Hans Wilhelm; Czechoslovakia; Manager; 43 Monument Hill, Weybridge, Surrey
He appears on the Voters Register together with Elisabeth L HELLER in 1950

The family had lived in Morchenstern bez. Gablonz (Jablonec) and were expelled from the Sudeten


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Josef (Joseph) HELLER was born in Doubek by Český Brod , in German: Böhmisch Brod, near Prague on 15th February 1868. He married Ella WEISSKOPF in Smržovka ( Morchenstern bez. Gablonz) on 13th May 1899. The Weisskopf family owned a glass factory in Smržovka. After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Heller move to Ljubljana (German: Laibach). Then they lived in Krom (German:. Kremsier) for some time. Later they moved in Innsbruck before returning to Smržovka. in July 1919. Joseph Heller was engaged in Weisskopf glass factory. He died on 1st October 1938.
Alfred HELLER, Jan Vilm Hanus HELLER and Arnold HELLER, were the the sons of Joseph and Ella HELLER. Alfred Heller was born in Ljubljana at 28th March 1900. Mr. John William was born in Krom at 18th September 1903 and Arnold Heller was born in Krom at 30th July 1906. The Heller family was Catholic.
Alfred Heller was born in Ljubljana on 28th March 1900. He married Elisabeth PFOHL on 6th May 1926. Elisabeth Pfohl was born in Liberec (Gernman: Reichenberg) on 19th July 1903, the daughter of Ernst and Irma PFOHL. They lived in Smržovka. Mr. Alfred Heller was a correspondence clerk.
Alfred and Elisabeth Heller had a son, Klaus Hans Gerz HELLER, who was born in Liberec on 10th March 1930.

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