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Kamilla HELLER nee STEIN


We are searching for the family of Kamilla HELLER, nee STEIN, born 23 May 1887 in Tabor, Czechoslovakia.
Her parents were
Ignac STEIN and Johanna STEIN nee FRIED

Kamilla married on 31st August 1913 in Prague Rudolf HELLER.  He was salesman, born 3rd March 1881 in Ustek u Litomeric.
They came to Trutnov on 29th February 1921 and they lived there until 17th January 1939 when they escaped to Palestine.

Last known address in 1940 was " Silbermann, Diskin 8 Kaylan,(street is unreadable, but looks like Hai?ei 2), Tel-Aviv, Palestine."

Reuven-Rudolf HELLER son Zigmund-Gershon died 1.6.1955 in Tel Aviv.His i.d.was 008329182.
He is buried in Kiryat Shaul cemetery. He lived in Shderot Rotschild ,T-A, (we have no number)

Kamila daughter of Ignaz-Itzhak died 2.3.1970 in Haifa and is buried there. Her i.d.was 008529190 Both came to Palestine in November 1938.
she lived in Haifa, 9 Tel Mane str.

Kamila and Rudolf HELLER had a daughter called  Marianna HELLER born 8th of July 1916 in Trutnov

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