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Antonin [Anthony ] and Milos HURT

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Anton HURT was born 24 May 1879 Vrbice (Habry)
His wife was Anna HURTOVA nee ZAJICOVA born 16 Jun 1882 in Brezi by Caslav.

They had two sons:

Antonin HURT born 24 May 1904 in Prague, a car mechanic. He married Anna, nee BLAHOVA, born 1 February 1908, on 8 Oct 1941,
          they had two children,

 (i) Antonin, born 7 August 1942 in Prague, and
Petr, born 12 June or July 1944 in Prague who formally lived at Zelenohorska 501/27, Praha 8,


Milos HURT born 28 July 1905 in Prague. He is believed to have emigrated to CANADA some time between 1963 and 1972.

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