Case History : June

June, in her 40's, and so born some time after World War II had ended, knew that her mother had a cousin who had kept them going during the London Blitz by sending them food parcels from America.
June was typical of the Second Generation Children. These children were born to parents who had survived the ravages of the war. They were different to the others in their neighbourhood. Somehow their relationship with their parents were not as "easy" as those of the others. There were parts of the parents' lives which were not discussed. These centred mainly on the events of World War II and related to what befell the parents during those years.
This Silence, transferred from one generation to the next, lay heavily on June. She just had to find out the facts that hid behind the silence.
All earlier attempts to find the "uncle" had failed. When, eventually, we managed it, we learned that the uncle had died some years earlier, but his widow was delighted to regain the contact. They had been very angry with the ungrateful London family. There had never been any thank-you from the family in England. At long last it was possible to correct the wrong. The reason why there had never been a "thank you" was that a bomb had hit the London home, and all they possessed, including the address book, had been burnt.

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