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We are NO LONGER searching for information about the KACAL family originally from Prostejov in Czechoslovakia.

Vlastislav KACAL born on August 19, 1906. His wife was Marie KACAL(ova) nee. RAISER(ova) - they married in 1936.
In 1937 thy lived in Zlin, Na pozare 2404. Vlastislav KACAL was a clerk in the Skoda factory in Pilsen, and lived at U rolnicke c.13, Plzen.

Theyhad three sons:

Vlastislav KACAL born 25 Sep 1937 – studied at Bristol or Liverpool University in 1956-1958 but seemed to have been living in Trinidad

Vladimir KACAL born 13.12.1939 - also studied in Bristol

Jan KACAL born 1942

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