Thank you to some 70 individuals who helped us to find the family of David KATZ !!!!!!

Just before World War 2, and in the early 1940's David KATZ had his business at 99 Tooley Street, London S.E.1

David KATZ had two sons
1. Ludwig KATZ, born 9 Nov 1911
- we have now learned that he changed his name to Leonard CANE, and that he joined the British Army in May 1943, personnel number was 13116082
2. Erich KATZ born 27 Mar 1924

One of them, we do not know which one, may have been a Doctor, living in Scotland.

We also know that David Katz lived in Hendon, at  26 Mayfield Gardens, London NW4

David Katz, born 17 Sep 1890 had married Martha nee SUAPIER [ or SPANIER]  b. 14 Apr  1887. He was the son of Abraham KATZ born 7 Dec 1859 died 13 Mar 1935 Eggs import/export business in Hamburg and his wife Gertrud nee Hellmann b. 8 June 1859 in Simiawa.

David KATZ gave shelter to a then 17 year old Jewish refugee from, Germany named Leonora Baral  born Hamburg  28 th of October in 1920.  
She actually arrived  in London on 8th August 1937
. We show below a number of photographs of Leonora BARAL in the hope that
someone looking at this web page may recognize her.

baral_02.jpg baral_03.jpg
Leonora BARAL, her parents and her brother Bernt on board the ship "hamburg" in august 1937 in Cuxhaven
baral_04.jpg baral_05.jpg baral_06.jpg
Leonora BARAL aged around 23 Leonora BARAL in England,
during nursing training
 ( it could be in Haslemere in the German-English school she attended in 1938; or in Lowestoft, the refugee camp in 1940 orpossibly in London)
Leonora BARAL aged 15 or 16 in Hamburg.

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