Family of Albert Sidone nee STEINER KLEIN


We are NO LONGER searching for the family of Albert KLEIN, born 31 May 1873 and his wife Sidonie KLEIN nee STEINER, born 19 Jan 1880 who were deportated in 1944from Vienna to an unknown destination and perished in World War II.

Two of their children managed to escape to England:

Dr. Alexander KLEIN, born in 1905. He changed his name to George Alexander KEYNES.
His last known address in July 1951 was: 10 Oxford Gardens, London, W.10

Franz KLEIN, born 12 Sep 1911 in Reichenau, Bodensee (Lake Constance in southern Germany) who changed his name to Gordon FRAZER or FRANZER, his last known address in July 1951 was: 2 Highbury Place, London N.5,

Gisela KLEIN, born in 25 Nov 1909 in Vienna. We don’t have any further information about her.


Do you recognize any of these names?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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