COMPLETED Search : The KLUCKAUF family

We are NO LONGER searching for a KLUCKAUF family, originally from Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Adolf KLUCKAUF and his wife Ludmilla KLUCKAUF lived in Prague before the WWII. They had one son Dr. Walter KLUCKAUF.

Dr. Walter KLUCKAUF and his wife, both Doctors of Law, escaped from Czechoslovakia to USA in 1930s and then lived in Canada and in Mexico. Both of them were students of Columbia university where they both gained economy related Doctorates

We know that he travelled extenseively and became a citizen of both Canada and Mexico.


In January 1950 he visited Lethbridge, Alberta, as an official representative of the Mexican Department of Agriculture to meet with Hutterite Community who were considering relocating to Mexico. He was to accompany Hutterite leaders on a tour of Mexico. ( for Historical background click here)

After the second world war, Dr Kluckauf, met an American tyre manufacturer. Because Walter spoke several European languages he was able to act as his sales man and benefited from the post war boom, and thereby was able to reestablish the family fortunes.

Walter was a collector and owned an Elephant folio in 4 volumes of the John G.Audubon book "The Birds of America"
with engravings by R. Havell which was published in London in 1830.


Walter died in the fall of 1969, but we do not know whether he was in Mexico or Canada.

Josephine KLUCKAUF nee HULKA information from the Civil Registry in Mexico:- She was a Canadian Citizen, lived alone at Sierra Gorda 284, Lomas de Chapultepec (pic attached), which is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Mexico.

Josephine opened a ceramic shop in Mexico whereby she imported European ceramics to Mexico and exported Mexican to Europe.

She passed away November 27th, 1988 at the American British Cowdray Hospital (Hospital ABC) as a result of Pneumonia. She was buried in the British Cemetery.


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