The families of Berta KOLBERT nee SCHOENGUT and Max SCHOENGUT

We are NO LONGER searching for  the family of

Berta KOLBERT(ova) nee SCHOENGUT born 15  May 1896 in Sedlnice, district Novy Jicin, Czechoslovakia

and her brother
Max SCHOENGUT  whose last known address was in Ramat Gan, Israel in 1950

They were the children of  Augusta nee HOPPERT(ova) and  David SCHOENGUT

Berta had married Julius KOLBERT born 19 Aug 1886  in Cherson, Czechoslovakia on 12 May 1923 (or 1925) in Berlin.
 Julius was stateless merchant, writer and journalist
Berta and Julius lived in Prague, in 1933 in district Vinohrady, in 1934 on Staromestske nam. 14 (Oldtown square 14). in 1949 Berta was a widow and lived on Wenceslav square in Prague, then she probably left to Israel to join her brother Max SCHOENGUT.

There was another daughter Ida of  Augusta, nee. HOPPERT(ova) and  David SCHOENGUT.

Ida SCHOENGUT had married Emil TRAMER, a merchant from Ostrava – Zabreh (Opavska street 225).  They later lived in Opavska street 250, Ostrava until they, together with their son Jan TRAMER born 24 July 1923 were sent on a Transport on 29 Sep 1942 to Auschwitz.
None of them survived.

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