Completed Search : KRAUS / NEUMANN / GLASER
from Rjeka in pre World War 2 Czechoslovakia

We were searching for the whereabouts of the KRAUS / NEUMANN / GLASER family.

They have a Right to reclaim property in the Czech Republic.

1. Marie KRAUS, nee GLASER, born June 14, 1890, in Ouvaly
daughter of Adolf(o) GLASER and Ida GLASER, nee MUNZER (MUENZER).
Last known residence in Czechoslovakia was in Prague I, Konviktska 10.
Her right of domicile was in Pierne Rjeka.
She married on March 22, 1923 in Rjeka a Mr. Hugo (Ugo) KRAUS, born 7 Jun 1878 in Leskau, the son of Leopoldo KRAUS and Caroline KRAUS (maiden name POPPER).
Marie was originally Italian.
Marie KRAUS was a "housewife" and her husband Ugo KRAUS was the director of a refinery by the name of R.O.M.S.A. in Rijeka (Fiume). The KRAUS family at Via Italia 116, Via San Benelli 4 and Via G. Pascoli 4 and at Corso Vittorio Emanuelle 18.
Ugo KRAUS died on 11 Apr 1932 in Rijeka (Fiume).
Marie KRAUS later change her personal name to Erminia (Hermina) KRAUS. She moved to Rome, Italy on March 1, 1950.

Marie (Hermina)and Hugo KRAUS had two children:
1. a son Walter (Gualtiero) KRAUS, born 3 Jun 1908 in Rijeka (Fiume) and
2. a daughter Hanna KRAUS, born 29 Jul 1910., also in Rijeka (Fiume).

Walter KRAUS
was a production agent and director of a coal mine, probably in Istra (Raša).
He emigrated to Trieste in 10 Jun 1940.

Hanna KRAUS,
Hanna KRAUS married Andrea(s) NEUMANN, born 6 Aug 1901 in Zakanj, the son of Ermanno NEUMANN and Aurelia NEUMANN (maiden name LICHTENSTAHL).
Andrea(s) NEUMANN was described as an employee.

last known residence (1948) was in Prague 2, Panska 12, Czech Republic.
A birth certificate for Hanna KRAUS was issued in Rjeka on 5 Dec 1938, reg. No. A XVII – 18734.

Hanna and Andrea(s) NEUMANN had a daughter Silvia NEUMANN, born 9 May 1931 in Rijeka (Fiume).
The NEUMANN family lived at Via G. Pascoli 4.
The whole NEUMANN family emigrated to Rome (Roma, Italy) on 5 Dec 1931.

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