Family of Rachel LANGFORD from Vienna


We are NO LINGER searching for the family of Rachel LANGFORD from VIENNA.
She was the daughter of Josef David & Rebecca/Rebekka (nee ROGEN) GOLDSTEIN . Both were declared as dead in 1947.
Josef David WOLF-GOLDSTEIN and Rebekka ROGEN had married in 1902.

Rachel LANGFORD was the sister of Gitl BAUER born 1880 in Brody.

We Do not know the significance of the two WOLF and GOLDSTEIN surnames.
Ruth's maiden name was apparently WOLF although Gitl was a nee GOLDSTEIN

Rachel LANGFORD's last known address in 1947 was: 5 Randolph Road London W.9

Ruth had a sister Cäcilie Czarne DEUTSCH probably born on 06.02.1877 in Brody lived in 1947 at 6306 Church Avenue Brooklyn, New York.
She died in 1955

Ruth also had a brother Saul WOLF, born 3.10.1884, married to Nelly KREINCZER born 19 Apr.1896/8. They had a daughter Ilse WOLF, born 23.09.1924.
In 1950 they were living at 62 Oxford Gardens, London W10

One more person fits into this wider family:

Gittel BAUER's husbands (Samuel Kauers BAUER) had a brother brother: Ernst Bauer, who in 1947 was living at 262 Finchley Road, London N.W.3.


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