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Willy LEWINSOHN 1890 - 1976


Before the First World War, Willy Lewinsohn heard Lenin at a meeting in Zurich. Later he was one of the co-founders of the Communist party, the precurser of the KPD, in Dresden.
In the 1920s he worked as an editor of the Arbeiter-Illustrierten-Zeitung [Workers illustrated newspaper] and in the office of the Communist International in Berlin. After 1946 he became a member of the SED and was head of the press office in the GDR's Ministry of Trade and Supply.

With the "law on the provisional power of the Reich" of 10 February 1919, SPD Reichswehr Minister Gustav Noske (1868-1946) had numerous demonstrating and striking workers throughout Germany taken into "protective custody" in the politically unstable period after the First World War. Among the most prominent victims of these measures were Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) and Karl Liebknecht (1871-1919).

On ( September 1919 Willy was imprisoned accused of the "Planned overthrow of the present government", therefore put into "protective custody", imposed by the military commander of Saxony


The above was all we knew at the time the search began.

In the meantime the following has been learned:

Willy Was the oldest of the children of Salomon and Auguste (nee GANTZE) LEWINSOHN

We are slowly learning the structure of the family and have assembled a LEWINSOHN family tree which you can see <here> in detail

The folloeomg is just the bare moned of it :
Descendants of Louis LEWINSOHN
28 Dec 2018
1. Louis LEWINSOHN (d.Bef Jul 1890-Potsdam)
sp: Laura LESSHEIM
                       |-2. Salomon Sigmund LEWINSOHN (b.3 Jun 1856-Berlin d.30 Apr 1923-Dresden)
                       | sp: Auguste Pauline GANTZE (b.1 Apr 1868-Pirna-Copitz d.11 Nov 1957-Dresden)
                                                    | |-3. Dr. Max Willy LEWINSOHN GANTZE-LEU (b.22 Nov 1890-Dresden d.1 Mar 1976-Dresden)
                                                    | | sp: Hela (b.6 Apr 1902 d.29 Dec 1988)
                                                                               | | |-4. Ulla LEWINSOHN GANTZE-LEU
                                                                               | | sp: HIMMELSBACH
                                                                                                      | | |-5. Uwe HIMMELSBACH
                                                                                                      | |-5. Joerg HIMMELSBACH
                                                                                                      | | |-5. Ilka HIMMELSBACH
                                                    | |-3. Paul Erich LEWINSOHN (b.17 Jan 1892-Dresden d.21 Nov 1970-Dresden)
                                                    | | sp: Margarete Sidonie JUST OR NICOL (b.21 Nov 1890-Potschappel,Freital d.3 Nov 1976-Dresden)
                                                                               | | |-4. Sonja LEWINSOHN (b.28 Jan 1920)
                                                                               | | | sp: SCHLINSKA
                                                                               | | |-4. Ilse LEWINSOHN (b.12 Nov 1921)
                                                     | |-3. Karl Walther LEWINSOHN (b.29 Oct 1893-Dresden d.1894-Dresden)
                                                     | |-3. Hans Walther LEWINSOHN (b.10 Sep 1894-Dresden)
                                                     | |-3. Martha Frida LEWINSOHN (b.3 Sep 1895-Dresden d.1896-Dresden)
                                                     | |-3. Fritz Felix LEWINSOHN (b.19 Mar 1897-Dresden)
                                                     | sp: Martha Anna NEUMANN (b.1 Dec 1903-Zeitz,Reg Bez. Merseburg)
                                                                                | |-4. Nicolaus Alexander LEWINSOHN (b.30 Aug 1920-Dresden)
                    +-2. Lesser LEWINSOHN (b.21 Feb 1864-Potsdam)
                    sp: Anna Lina BALDAUF (b.14 Nov 1868-Dresden m.27 Dec 1890)


Detaied family genealogy with notes and images






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