Completed Search : Anni and Ursula, maiden name LIFFMANN

We asked your help in our search for Anni and Ursula nee LIFFMANN

In pre-World War 2 Dresden, Germany lived a family headed by Siegmund LIFFMANN

They had two daughters Anni and Ursula.

The family emigrated shortly before the start of World War II to England or Ireland

The only thing we knew about them at the start of this search was that they used to live at Liebigstrasse 30 in Dresden, in a house which the family had owned

In the course of talking to different people the following additional (as yet unconfirmed) information has emerged:

The family emigrated to Dublin, Ireland where Siegmund died, we believe in about 1989 though it may have been much earlier.

Anni now called Anne is apparently in Philadelphia now called Cohn or Kohn or similar

Ursula is also married apparantly to Albert BRUNN lives in Buffalo NY

There appears to be a cousin named De Abraham living in Asuncion, Paraguay,

Would you know anything about this particular family - or anyone else whom we could ask??

Can you help us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?
please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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