Marion LINDHAUER born 20 Sep 1934 in Dresden, Germany

We are NO LONGER searching for Marion LINDHAUER born 20 Sep 1934 in Dresden, Germany

All we know at this stage is that it appears the family was transported to Poland some time in the early stages of World War II.

Marion's father was Leiser LINDHAUER born 16 Jun 1901 in Delasyn or Delastyn.
Leiser was described as a "Traveller" - a "Trader" and as a "Vertreter" or "Representative" of some Company, who had arrived in Dresden on 20 Nov 1928, but we do not know from where.
He died 8 December 1935 in Dresden.

Marion's mother Beila nee SCHWAGER then remarried on 14 September 1938 Elias GOLDBERG-RINDL (We have found this date in the "Gemeindeblaettern der Israelitischen Religionsgemeinde" [Journal of the Jewish Community].

Beila now GOLDBERG, her new husband Elias GOLDBERG - RINDEL and daughter Marion LINDHAUER were evidently transported in early 1939 to Poland. They were NOT included in the large transport from Dresden of 28 October 1939. It is, therefore, believed that they were part of the Jewish Transport from Dresden on 2 Aug 1939. No lists exist to confirm this.

As Marion was only born in 1934, there is a chance that she may have survived the war.

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