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Hana LOWY(ova) born 5 Sep 1924 in Czechoslovakia
or anyone who may know what has happened to her since 1947?

Father:- Vilem Löwy (alternative spelling Wilhelm LOEWY)
Mother:- Anna Löwyiová nee Paryskova.

Grandfather of Hana Löwy was Alois Loewy.

Grandmother of Hana was Eleonora, nee Pariskova

The latest information we have is that after liberation from Auschwitz, Hana returned to Prague.

in May 1945 and stayed with a relative: Zdenka Loewyova in Na Vysledku 1084 Praha Nlsle (possibly an aunt??)
26 Feb 1946 she moved to Kourimska Street in Prague to Mrs. Vodickova.
3 Dec 1946 moved to to Reslova Street in Prague to Mrs. Kindlerova.
22 May 1947 moved to the city called Tyn nad Vltavou in Czechoslovakia.

1945 information:

In Czech "Povolani: Svadlena" - translated into English: Occupation: Tailor or Dressmaker.

In ADDITION to Hanna LOEWY, we also wopuld like to find

Anna Weinerova, nee Löwyová.
according to the information from 1952 she probably lived in New Zealand.
Her parents were Rudolf Löwy and Anna Löwyová, nee Arnsteinová.
Other relatives: Otto Arnestein and Jiri Arnstein

Thea Leonora GRAHAM, nee Löwy (exactly typed as Loewova)
In 1946: Thea lived at 22 Cambridge Road,Huddersfield, England
Mother: Charlotte Gertrud Lowová nee Wiener born 28 Nov. 1898
Father: Oskar Lowe
Grandmother: Ernstine Arnoštka Kapper, Maiden name: Weinerová, date of birth:1 Apr. 1875 in Príbram died 30 Jul 1945
Grandfather: Richard Kapper born 21 Sep .1863
Great Grandmother: Julie Wiener
Great Grandfather: Adolf Wiener

We do not know whether – or how – these three searches connect to each other.

If you have any suggestions where I might ask, please let us know.

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