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Lola LONGOWSKA nee LEIB was born 10 Aug 1923, possibly in Parzenczew near Leczyca, Poland.

She was the daughter of Elimelch LEIB

Lola worked as a practical nurse and as a beautician.


As the report above tells, Lola was transported by the Russians to Siberia. She worked as a telegraphist. She gave birth to a son who died as an infant because of the conditions they lived in. After the war she returned to Lodz and learned that no one of her family had survived. Her her two brothers and her sister had been murdered. (She had actually witnessed one brother being beaten mercilessly and at the end shot to death). She then moved to Berlin and was transferred to the Gauting DP camp and was long-term hospitalized.

Lola survived the Holocaust and at the end of the war lived in various Displaced Persons Camps near Munich.




After the end of the war she was in contact with a cousin Abraham LEIB / LAIB in Munich. The address we have was Muenchen, Dachauerstr 25

Lola went to Israel where she died on 18 Feb 1970.

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