Heirs of Hilde (Hildegard) SOMMERNITZ STERN widow of Victor Edelstein LUSTIG in QUITO, ECUADOR


We are NO LONGER searching for information about the legal heirs of Hilde (Hildegard) SOMMERNITZ STERN widow of Victor Edelstein LUSTIG

All we know is:

Hilde (Hildegarda) SOMMERNITZ STERN, daughter of Paul SOMMERNITZ and Else STERN , a widow, aged 76, died on 21 August 1988, in Sta Prisca, ECUADOR.
The person who notified her death was Carlos Enrique SEGURA, ID No.: 17-0216058-9.

Hilde had been married to

Victor Edelstein LUSTIG died in Sta Prisca of liver cancer in Quito, province of Pichincha, ECUADOR on 20 August 1978 aged 81 years. He was the son of Semord EDELSTEIN and Matilde nee LUSTIG.
The person who had notified his death was Carlos AQUILAR, ID No.: 17-0187636-7, domiciled in Quito.

As far as we know they had no children

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