The heirs of Adolphe Carl MIDDELDORFF

We ARE NO LONGER seeking the heirs of Adolphe Carl MIDDELDORFF, whose last known address was in the Hague, Holland.

Wij zijn op zoeke naar MIDDELDORFF familie

He was born 29 January 1872 in Reichenberg, then German territory - a town now named Liberec in the Czech Republic.
when he lived in 's-Gravenhage - The Hague.

We have now learned that Adolph Carl Middeldorff was an engineer.
He married Emma nee NEUHOFF, born St. Josse-ten-Noode (Belgium) 26 May 1883 and that the two came from Brussels (Belgium) to the The Hague.

They were recorded in the census of 1920/1921 living in The Hague at the Johan van Oldebarneveltlaan no. 18.
Emma died in The Hague already on 22 May 1929.
Adolph Carl Middeldorff was was naturalized in Holland on 24 Dec 1932
According to the "bevolkingsregister" of 1939, Adolph Carl was still living in The Hague.

 Adolph Carl  died in The Hague on 8 May 1949. The death-certificate (nr. A 1198) states: Adolphe Carl Middeldorff, 77 years old, born in Reichenberg,
widower of Emma Neuhoff, son of Gustav Adolph Middeldorff and Anne Ulrich, both deceased.


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