We HAVE FOUND the family and heirs of:

Martin MOSKOVIC [MOSCOVITS], a dentist, born in Vyšné Nemecky on 18 May 1905. The family lived in Kosice (2nd largest city in Slovakia), where apparently the father Filip owner a pub and Filip was one of first to sell and serve Pilsen Czech beer. Vyšné Nemecky is located on Slovakia - Ukraine border. It is a small border village at the extreme East end of Slovakia, near the district town of Sobrance. It is approximately 80km east of Kosice. Lucence is a small city around 100km west of Kosice.

t some point in time Martin moved to the town of Lucence (close to Banska Bystrica), maybe after he married his wife Elena nee KOENIG. Not long after that he was probably arrested and taken to a concentration camp in Hungary.

When Martin was released from Lučenec (Concentration Camp) he first stayed in Prague [it seems that he did so on his own. The whereabouts of his wife and children is not clear] for a very short time [ about 2 months in a boarding house] and then moved to Melnik.

He lived Melnik, Benesova Str. 307 from 1945 - 1947 and later moved to Prague where he was last known to have been in 1947, possibly en route to Canada. [Application for Passport - Dated 19.9. 1947 at Melnik]

Martin was married to Elena nee KOENIG. They had 2 children:
1. Zdenek MOSKOVIC [MOSKOVITS] born in 1932 in Lucenec, Slovakia. It may be that Zdenek died.
He is not mentioned on a second of two documents which we have got.
2. Zolo MOSKOVIC [MOSKOVITS] born in 1933 in Lucenec, Slovakia.

Martin is known to have had a brother HARRY MOSCOVIC who, in 1947 was living in the Town of Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada
We do not have any evidence that Martin actually left Czechoslovakia.

We have since learned that a second brother, SAM MUSKOVITCH was also living in Cupar, SK at that time