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Franz (Frantisek) NEUBURG

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Franz NEUBURG in 1938

Franz (Frantisek) NEUBURG was born September 8,1914 in Vienna
Nationality: Czech
Last permanent address (March 1939): Prague VII Belcrediho 64, Czechoslovakia
Last known communication: a postcard from a town called Radziwillow Sowietukraine.

Postcard arrived in Prague Dec 18 1940 from Radziwillow today Chervonoarmeisk, 88 km SW of Rovno, Ukraine

We do not know what happened to him thereafter. Did he survive World War II ?

In March, 1939 he was granted a Quota-Visa from the American Consulate in Prague to enter the USA.
Why did he not use that?

Why was he in Radziwillow a year later??

There are rumours about him having been and died in Auschwitz, but so far we have found no record.

Franz (Frantisek) NEUBURG was the son of Georg and Rosa (Ruzena nee BENEDIKT) NEUBURG
He had a sister Elisabeth (Liesel) born November 29, 1920 or 1921

Do you recognize any of this?

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