We are NO LONGER searching for the NEUGEWIRZ family originally from Krakow, Poland

Irena NEUGEWIRZ (maiden name KIRCHBAUM ) was the mother of Karol NEUGEWIRZ.

Irena was born 20 Jan 1912 in Krakow. She and Karol her son ( born 23 Apr 1935 ) survived the Holocaust and sailed to the USA ( port of entry New York) on 5th August,1950 on board USS General R M Platchford, having spent some time at the Lechfeld refugee camp in Germany

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Irena and Karol left the camp on 24 July 1950


and arrived in New York on board "USS General R M Platchford" on 5th August,1950


Irena had a brother Shalom KIRSCHBAUM who lived in Israel, an we have a picture of him in Kfar Saba:



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