CURRENT Search : NEUMARK family originally from Brno, Czechoslovakia


We are searching for the NEUMARK family originally from Brno in Czechoslovakia.

In particular:
Hannerlore NEUMARK

Walter V. NEUMARK, born 27 October 1887 in Brno, died there on 15 March 1939.  He was an industrialist, the owner of a textile factory. He was also the Honorary Consul of Great Britain in Brno. He had married Hannelore TILL and they had three children:
Otto Walter NEUMARK
Hannelore NEUMARK

Otto Walter NEUMARK was born in Brno on 26 June 1922. He emigrated to England, got his pilot’s license here and was active in the Paragliding community.  He died in May 2002 in Stockport.


Hannelore NEUMARK was born in Brno on 26 June 1922. We know nothing of what befell her.

About Helene NEUMARK we know even less at this stage – not even her date of birth.

There is another member of this family - Irena NEUMARK – but we do not  know how she fits in.


Do you recognize this name?

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