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Chris PARKINSON, born 18 May 1951

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CHRISTOPHER JOHN PARKINSON, born 18 May 1951 in Singapore

We found him on 28 Nov 2007 !!

Parents: Douglas Parkinson and the late Dorothy Parkinson (nee Brier)
His sister Sue had scant contact in the late 70s, early 80s. Contact was lost when she went for a period to the USA.
Sue would so much like to know where he is living and what he is doing.  Her four children would like a chance to meet him.  They have all grown up aware of his 'ghost'. 
We have only a few photographs which we post here, in the hope that they will help recognition.

Chris and his mother 1951 / 52
Christmas at Gaydon ?
Perched on Dad's car ca 1963
Holding a buoy, Burgh Island aged about 11 - 1962
with mother on 'day trip/holiday' to the seaside, ca 1961/1962
Beach picture - south coast about 1961/1962
In Mrs Tanner's front room, about 1963 with mother & Sue.
Passport photo ca 1970
Chris, about 1970 in Bahrain.
Chris visited his father in Bahrain when he was stationed out there
and Chris was post 'A' levels.
Passport photo ca 1978
Several attempts have been made to find Chris, and to reunite the family.
In August 1988 the International Social Service of Great Britain wrote to say that they had failed to find him.
In June 1996 the Metropolitan Police reported that his whereabouts had been located, but a letter sent on 13th June 1996 via the police found no echo.

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?

Please e-mail me at searchandunitem [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] uk

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