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1. Helena KOHN formerly CESAR formerly SIGAL nee POLAK
2. Marianna LOEW-BEER nee POLAK
3. Mario Andre CESAR

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the heirs of Rudolf POLAK possibly POLLAK , born 21 October 1879. He was the son of Heinrich POLL and Josefine, nee LEDERER

His wife was Anna POLAKOVA nee KRAUS, born 16 July 1884 who died in concentration camp on 24 September 1942. She was the daughter of Simon KRAUS and Marie, nee FRANKL

They had 3 children:

A daughter Helena KOHN, formerly CESAR, formerly SIGAL, born 8 January 1912

A daughter Marianna LOEW-BEER (might be written as Low - or with the German umlaut o), born 15 January 1915

A son Hanus POLAK, born 21 October 1922 died in the British Army on 29 August 1943

1. We have information, that Helena POLAKOVA was married while a student in France to Dr. CESAR on 16 February 1932. It seems that Helena married three times - first to someone with the name of SIGAL, than she married Dr. CESAR . Police registration documents in Prague have Helena SIGALOVA married Dr. CESAR and his permanent place of residence is given as Romania.

They had a son Mario Andre CESAR who was born on 16 February 1938.

Helena cancelled her registration in Prague on 27 July 1938 and left for USA. She lived there under the name of Helena KOHN and in 1949 gave her address as 5101 Van Loon St., Elmhurst, New York.

2. Marianna POLAK lived in 1949 under the name LOEW-BEEROVA (Low - with O-umlaut) at 4220 Tissena Bl., Flushing, New York.

3. Hanus POLAK, was born on 21 October 1922. He left Czechoslovakia and died as a soldier in the British Army on 29 August 1943.

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