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Press Release issued 27 April 2001




Czech Republic's denial of holocaust claims may place European Union entry into jeopardy.


Czech Restitution Laws are a sham, and contravene European Human Rights legislation.

Under a 10-year old Czech Law, all inheritance claims for Czech property must have been lodged

By 25 May 2001, after which any unclaimed Property will be written into the ownership of the State.


Baroness Sarah Ludford Member of the European Parliament has asked Guenther

Verheugen European Commissioner for Enlargement to consider whether in the

light of the breech of European Human Rights convention, the application of

the Czech Republic into membership of the European Union was a wise move.


Czech Restitution Law discriminates between people depending on their



Former owners of property confiscated by the Nazis in 1939 and by the

Communist Government after 1948 can only receive compensation if they are

Czech Nationals and live in the Czech Republic.  All those who scattered to

other countries as a result of the War are discriminated against even where

they can show without any doubt that they have a practical and moral right

to property stolen from their families. This is not the problem of any one nation alone.


Ex Czechs are today often USA citizens, but have also settled in many other countries.


One prominent example is the Schloss Panenske Brezany  Castle  in which

Reinhard HEYDRICH was living when he was assassinated by the Czech

underground in 1944.  This is only one of very many cases in which families

have been wronged by the Czech pretence at Restitution.


Search and Unite ( have published a web page in

which the evolvement of this breech of the European Human Rights Law is

discussed in more detail.


The denial by the government of the Czech Republic of property restitution to

non-Czech Nationals is actually a THIRD theft of these properties.

It  renders their action to be no different of that of the former Regimes! 


The current Czech Republic government is repeating the property theft of both

the Nazis and Communist governments.


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