The ROBERTS formerly RUBNSTEIN family from Sydney and Grenoble


We are NO LONGER searching for the family of

Alice RUBINSTEIN formerly STUECKGOLD nee KARPEL who was born 19 Sep 1900 in Vienna. She was married to Dr. Hans ROBERTS (ormerly RUBINSTEIN), born 01 Jan 1900 in Vienna who died on 19 Aug 1971 in Sydney Australia. He had remarried, and his second wife was Lillie ROBERTS.

Their last address from 1970 was: 29 Ebsworth Road, Rose Bay, Sydney, Australia.

We have found in the Sydney Morning Herald the death notice for Hans:


Hans had a brother Kurt RUBINSTEIN who died on 04 May 1958 in Grenoble, France. His daughter Alix RUBINSTEIN , born on 22 Dec 1945, was living May 1967 at 80 Rue Mallifaud, Grenoble Is��, France. I need to find her as well

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