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Heirs of of Bedrich SMETANA

We were searching for information about the legal heirs of Bedrich SMETANA

in particular

Frantisek SCHINDLER, and Frantiska SCHINDLER(ova), nee DEYLOVA had four children.

1. Emanuel SCHINDLER (died in 1950) married to Jarmila SCHINDLER(ova).

2. Frantisek (Frank) SCHINDLER believed notto have been married, born on 25 March 1875 in New York, died on 6 August 1957

3. Anna SCHINDLER apparently died long before Frank

4. Barbara SCHINDLER(ova) married HOLT, resident at 28 East 10 th Street, New York 3, NY. died 1960 or before

Barbara had a son Henry F. HOLTHUSEN, resident at 128 Central Park South, New York 19.

Do you recognize any of this?

Can you guide us in any way?

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