We are searching for the legal heirs of

Katerina SCHNEIDER(ova) nee WACHSMANN(ova) born 17 Jan 1862, died 3 Nov1939

and her husband Karel SCHNEIDER born 24 May1867, died 15 May 1943 in Auschwitz
(He was on a transport  dated 27 Jan 1943 from Terezin). 
The last residence of the couple was Dr. Svehly No. 5, Hodonin

The children of Karel and Katerina SCHNEIDER were:

1) Natalie BROESLER(ova) nee. SCHNEIDER, born 14.3.1889. She had married Marek BROESLER on 13.10.1918. Marek was born on 20 Oct 1889 in Uhersky Brod

2) Klara REIF nee. SCHNEIDER born 26 Jan1898, transported to Auschwitz on 5 Dec 1941, last known residence in Brno, Krenova No. 13. Her husband was Heinrich (Jindrich) REIF

The couple had a son Petr REIF. They were all victims of the Holocaust.
In 1956 her niece Miriam NORMAN submitted a Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

3) Norbert SCHNEIDER, born 26.1.1898, died in 1942 in Zamocs, last known residence in Brno, Schubertova no. 7




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