Maurice SCHOEN - possibly in France ?

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Maurice SCHOEN possibly in France.

Morris (Maurice) SCHOEN was born in 1918 in France, the son of Louis SCHOEN (Tailor Journeyman, died before 23 Jun 1943)

Maurice was in England in 1943. He had joined the British Army and was known as Gunner 4619880, Royal Artillery. It was reported that he "proceeded overseas" after being discharged from military service in 1951. In civilian life he had been an Upholsterer.

In 1943 his lived in Haydon Bridge, England, but his home was at 7 Passage Des Taillandlers, Paris 11, France

On 23 June 1943 Maurice married Moira Lena GIBSON born in 1925, the daughter of John GIBSON, a Commercial Traveller (who had also died before 23 Jun 1943) and whose address was 1B St. Cuthberts Terrace, Hexham

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